Best 7 Antivirus For iPhone On 2023

This means that the risk of malware or malicious apps on iOS is relatively low compared to other platforms. Additionally, Apple provides its own security features, including a built-in antivirus system called “XProtect” and a security feature called “Gatekeeper” that ensures apps are from trusted developers.

That being said, if you’re looking for additional security or privacy features, here are some reputable antivirus and security apps available for iPhones:

  1. Norton 360: Norton offers a comprehensive security suite for iOS devices, including features like malware protection, VPN, password manager, and more.
  2. McAfee Mobile Security: McAfee provides a range of security features for iOS devices, including malware protection, secure browsing, and Wi-Fi security.
  3. Trend Micro Mobile Security: Trend Micro offers a security app for iOS that includes features like safe web browsing, privacy protection, and device optimization.
  4. Avast Security & Privacy: Avast provides a security app for iPhones with features like Wi-Fi security, VPN, and photo vault for private images.
  5. Kaspersky Security Cloud: Kaspersky offers a security app with features like secure browsing, privacy protection, and password management.
  6. Bitdefender Mobile Security: Bitdefender provides a mobile security app for iOS devices, offering features like VPN, safe browsing, and account privacy.
  7. Lookout: Lookout is a popular mobile security app that provides protection against mobile threats, along with features like identity protection and secure Wi-Fi.

Remember, when choosing a security app for your iPhone, it’s important to stick with reputable and well-known providers. Be cautious about downloading third-party security apps from sources outside of the App Store, as they may not have been properly vetted for security and could potentially introduce vulnerabilities.

Always keep your iOS software up to date and exercise good security practices, such as being cautious about clicking on suspicious links and only downloading apps from trusted sources. Additionally, consider enabling features like “Find My iPhone” and setting up two-factor authentication for an added layer of security.

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